Lizard Bait

Lizard bait tubes

Get rid of house lizards easily and effectively.
Lizard Bait lures house lizards, once they take a tiny sip, they will be paralyzed and disabled in seconds.

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I know you are tired of lizard repellents, lizard traps, or even other insecticides which do not work. This is mainly because they are common poisons which are not targetting lizards. Lizard Bait is a new product which is proven to work as it is highly attractive to house lizards.

Lizard bait

Lizard Bait

Our happy and satisifed Lizard Bait users. They are happy to see their houses and offices clean and no more lizard droppings to clean!

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Lizard poison
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Lizard Bait is ready to be used and does not require addition of other food stuffs.
• Gel form • Odorless • Concentrated • No unpleasant smell

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